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As the rat tight-roped the clothesline and dropped into the kitchen window, he wondered if there was some...

...crumbs still on the counter like yesterday's. Of course there is always the floor, he thought, there is constantly dropped food of some sort there. Hope that darn dog is gone. He chased me all over the place the other day. I finally made it out that little door on the big door before he could get me. Oh, the life of rat, it just isn't easy!

by Mary, Texas

...stupid cat lurking around. The rat had spent the last two weeks learning self-defense at the local rodent gym. And he was good at it, too. He could only hope that this would be the chance to use all he had learned. It was going to be one sorry cat who decided to...

The rat never heard the GULP as the cat swallowed him whole.

by Phillip Lynne, Knoxville, TN