About Scribes Valley Publishing

Scribes Valley Publishing was founded in 2003 on the idea that most "big" publishing houses have lost sight of their original purpose: to produce great, entertaining works while giving exposure to writers who have something to say. Instead, they concentrate all efforts on large profit margins and handle only those authors with the best commercial demographics.

If you didn't have a bestseller last year, they don't want to look at you.

Which leaves us to wonder how many writing geniuses have been left in the dust, their aspirations squelched, because they didn't have the right agent, didn't know the cousin of a friend who married the daughter of a publisher, or weren't given the encouragement to pursue their talents?

We at Scribes Valley Publishing realize there is an enormous well of talent in the writing world. Thousands of authors who pour their soul into each word and create works of art, yet largely go unnoticed.

Those are the writers we're looking for.

Sure, we wouldn't mind being successful in the profit department, but that's not our main objective. To produce publications that entertain, make you laugh, make you cry, make you think, and brighten your world even for just a moment, that is our objective.

Scribes Valley Publishing promises to bring you the best writing talent there is, and present it in a way that is more of a Showcase than "just a book."

Thank you, and good reading!
The Editors

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