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Scribes Valley Publishing


Gene belched loudly, startling those around him. "Wow, sorry. That's what I get for..."

...not carrying my Tums around with me. Ever since the ole gall bladder acted up and the docs took it out I can't seem to get my body all straightened out."

Everyone seemed satisfied with that explanation.

Gene silently wondered what they would think if any of them knew about the upcoming appointment he had at the hospital. He knew that it didn't look good although the doctors keep reassuring him it was going to be okay.

What part of me is gonna give up next? he asked himself.

by Mary, Texas

...eating forty-two hot dogs with chili."

"Forty-two?" Carrie asked. "Why on earth did you eat forty-two hot dogs?"

Gene shrugged. "That's all the little cart could hold."

Carrie wandered away, muttering something about craziness and pigging out on hotdogs.

by Phillip Lynne, Knoxville, TN