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"When Seymour comes in," Jenny whispered, "I want everyone to shout 'Surprise!' and then throw your..."

...bag of confetti on him."

I looked over at Tommy, and I saw that he had a puzzled look on his face. Then Tommy said, "It's your Uncle Seymour, right, Joey?"

"Listen, Tommy," I replied, "if Aunt Jenny wants to give him a surprise, I think we can accommodate her. Paybacks are hell, if you know what I mean."

I knew that Tommy remembered, for it was just last week that Uncle Seymour, or whatever my Aunt wants to call him; that he slapped Tommy and me for no good reason. We were watching TV and he just came over and slapped us.

Tommy and I went into the kitchen, filled two small plastic bags with ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard; added some hot sauce...we were ready!

"You know, Tommy," I said. "Two isn t enough!"

by Joseph L. Rose, Mondragone, Italy bags at him. The one who hits his face is the winner."

"Uh...mine feels like it has a brick in it," Carl said, hefting the bag.

"And...?" Jenny asked.

"I'm afraid it might hurt him."

"Oh, wow, really? Do you think he had second thoughts right before he stole your money?"

"He stole my...what?"

"The money you gave him to deposit for you this morning."


"Straight to the dog track."

Carl looked around at the party guests. "Stand back everybody, you're looking at the winner!"

by Phillip Lynne, Knoxville, TN