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Staring out at the untouched expanse of snow, Harry just knew he had to...

...give it a try.

Starting off on a nearby park bench, Harry placed his skis together as close as possible to make a single line. Then skiing about twenty feet or so, he stopped, placed a ski pole down and swung over so he could be parallel to the line he just made. Then he slowly skied backwards, turned, and made two more tracks.

He placed a pole into the snow again, and swung over to an empty square he had just made. He took off one ski and hip-hopped across the tracks of snow he had just made, stopping every now and then to make a small circle or an X.

He went back to the bench and stood on top. "I did it," he said, looking down at the snow. "It's Tic-Tac-Toe and I won!"

by Joseph L. Rose, Mondragone, Italy the one who ruined the pristine white of the fresh powder. It was still soft enough to get through without much hassle. Before it got to the point of a hard freeze, Harry knew he had best stock up on fuel for the fires from the woodshed across the way.

by Mary Smith, Fredericksburg, TX