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"Once, when I was a kid," Sherry told her grandson, "I took my skateboard and..."

...went down to the Mall with my brother."

"That's no big deal, Grandma," Tommy replied. "Billy and I do that all the time. When the security guards are at lunch, we do both the upstairs and downstairs rails by Macy's, then do the escalator by Starbucks. We usually end up by the fountain next to Sears; skating along the edges then up over the bridge next to the pool."

"Well, Tommy," Sherry started to say.

"And, Grandma, Billy continued, "we also do the parking lot outside by the theater, the one with those 180 degree ramps. And we don't wear helmets or shin guards either." Billy smiled. "But don't tell Mom, okay?"

Sherry just smiled, and patted little Tommy on the head. Then she said softly, "But did you do it naked?"

by Joseph L. Rose, Mondragone, Italy