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Scribes Valley Publishing


Herbert sat back with a sigh. "Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to start planning to..."

...go to work Monday morning." In a way, Herbert knew it was a blessing that he would be away from the left-overs and pies while he worked in his office downtown. God knew that he had likely gained ten pounds, most of which would show on his belly and butt. "I hate getting older," he muttered, "it seems that all the fat goes straight to the places where it shows the most."

by Mary Smith, Fredericksburg, TX

...get things ready for Christmas."

"Gee, Pop," Billy said, "we already have the tree up in the dining room, and the front yard has grandma's naivety set; even the roof has that new reindeer and sled Mom bought last year at Macy's after Christmas sale."

"No, Billy, Herbert replied, "this year we're going to do it right. You and I are going to Woolworth's and buy some of those new lights to put on the tree."

"That's great, Pop," Billy blurted out, "and maybe we can get some decorations too."

"We'll see, Billy," Herbert said with a sigh. "It will depend on how much we have left over after we buy your mother's gift."

"That's okay, Pop," Billy sat up with a smile. "I'm just glad you're back home from the war."

by Joseph L. Rose, Mondragone, Italy