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Young Kimmy raised her hand and asked, "Did the Pilgrims know that they were..."

...probably never going to go back home to Europe? I mean, once they made that awful long trip across the ocean, there was no way they could do it again in reverse." At ten years old, all Kimmy could think about was leaving family and friends behind when moving to new places because her family had done just that several times.

by Mary Smith, Fredericksburg, TX

...landing in New York? My Grandpa says that all foreigners got to land on some island in New York before they can become citizens.

"Well, Kimmy," Mrs. Thompson replied, "that's not completely wrong. For a time Ellis Island was the major port of entry for people coming to America. However, the Pilgrims landed in a small cove in Massachusetts long before Ellis Island became an immigration center."

"Mrs. Thompson, are you sure about that? My Grandpa is pretty old and he says that he knows about such things."

"I'm sorry, Kimmy," she replied as she looked down on her 3rd grader sitting in the front row of her class. "But they did land on a rock in Massachusetts."

"Okay, Mrs. Thompson," Kimmy responded, "I tell him, but I'm sure he ain't going to buy the 'rock' story."

by Joseph L. Rose, Mondragone, Italy