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"When I think about all I have to be thankful for," Wilton said, "I certainly don't count..."

...those days that we supposedly celebrate as 'holidays'.

"What do you mean, Pop?" Billy said, watching his dad put the shining star on top of their Christmas tree.

"Well, Billy," Wilton said, "take Christmas for example. Most people today have forgotten the real meaning of Christmas, and why we celebrate that special day as we do. And take Easter for example, all you kids care about is getting an Easter Basket, and the bigger the better; filled to the brim with toys, candy, and chocolate eggs. And Valentine's Day too!"

"Gee, Pop!" Billy responded, "I know all about those days - we learned that stuff in school. We even had a Haunted House in school last month.

"Boys!" Billy's Mom cried out from the dining room. "The Thanksgiving turkey's ready!"

by Joseph L. Rose, Mondragone, Italy