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This group of trick-or-treaters is the scariest so far, Lucy thought, opening the door on...

...what she thought was a trick-or-treater. But it wasn't, was it? Or was it? This person was dressed as a mummy but looked so real, there were no hands nor was there a face. Eeeeeek! what was it? The mummy looked at her and she looked back at it. Who was this? What was it doing here? Was it lost? She was thunderstruck with emotion and couldn't ask and it definitely couldn't speak. So she offered it some lollies and it sucked them all up. by Mischief, Inglewood, Taranaki, NZ less than a dozen children standing on her grandma's front porch. She looked at their dirty faces, and "ghost" costumes made from old faded and stained bed sheets.

The taller boys in the back she knew from school although she never spoke with them. Not that she didn't want to, but they kept to themselves. Then she turned her attention to the smallest and saddest little girl she had ever seen, standing there directly in front of her; her tiny face looking up.

Lucy really didn't know what to do, for she had just given out her last two pieces of her Ma's homemade peanut brittle. Then she looked down at the sweet little girl once again.

"Ma!" Lucy cried out. "Set more plates, we got guests for dinner."

by Joseph L. Rose, Mondragone, Italy