Diving behind the overturned bathtub, Kerry reached for her...

...comb. The fine-toothed instrument was covered with a light film of bubbles from the bath her brother had just had. She rinsed it and then pulled it through her long blonde hair.

by Honey, Madison

Driving behind the overturned bathtub, Kerry reached for her cell phone camera to record a photo to send to her mother so she could gloat and brag about her prowess in acquiring such a wonderful antique to install into her turn of the century home, the twentieth century that is.

Kerry followed the truck that had secured her precious find by using large bungee-like cords to hold it onto the bed of the truck.

She glanced to the right, looking for a familiar landmark that would let her know she was close to her destination.

When she turned her gaze back to the road she caught the vision of her beloved bathtub sailing down the hillside bouncing along until it disappeared from her line of sight and her life.

She realized she was still holding her camera and had captured her loss.

Her email to her mother said: "Oops!"

by Linda Hoagland, North Tazewell, VA

...baby dinosaur, except it was more than just a baby now. He wriggled away in the frothy water, finding his feet, moving faster. As she grabbed at his tail, he turned and opened his bear-sized jaws, latching onto her whole hand. It felt as if his teeth had penetrated right through her hand, joining together in the middle...bright red blood joined the froth on the floor..."Ouch! Get off Brutus!"

"What on earth is going on in there?" came a thunderous voice from the other side of the bathroom door. "What have you been hiding in your bathroom? Unlock the door!" Kerry knew she could keep her secret no longer....

by Carolyn Ann Aish, New Zealand

...Bible. Another loud boom and a cracking sound; then total darkness. She closed her eyes tight and prayed. Her Pa had told her about tornadoes and she guessed that was what was happening.

After her morning chores she went to her special place: a small cubby she made in the corner of the barn; behind an old wagon. Not much to look at, just two cast iron tubs and a bronze painted bathtub. Next to the iron tubs was a plastic box used to hold milk bottles. It served as her table for her only light; a small candle.

The wind finally stopped and she opened her eyes. She couldn't believe it: everything was gone. The old windmill, her house, the outhouse, and even the barn she had been reading in. All had vanished; except for the bathtub and her...her Bible.

by Joseph L. Rose, Fairfield, CA

...bath-towel at the same time, hoping to cover herself before the stranger walking in saw her in all her glory. Damn bed and breakfast places where you have to share bathrooms, she thought. However, the individual didn't seem to notice Kerry at all as they finished their business and quietly left the room, saving both their dignities.

by Mary Smith, Fredericksburg, TX