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Fearless Heart by Gail Cauble Gurley

Stranded in New York City after the stock market crash of 1929, Robert Blair must walk to the docks daily seeking work in order to feed Ellen, his wife, and their four-year-old son Stephen; plus pay the $8.00 monthly apartment rent in the slum where they live.

Shortly after a simple but very joyous Christmas, the dock work shuts down. Robert, shaken by this threat to the foundation of his very being, becomes desperate to find work.

When approached by a stranger in a black limousine who begins to direct and influence his family's lives, Robert faces a torrent of shocking new choices. Will they be opportunities or burdens? Will he be able to marry his life to this new direction, or will he turn down a life so different from any he has ever experienced?

Thanking God for the support of his family and friends, Robert is thrown into a strange new world, the likes of which he has never dreamed.

Will faith and courage be enough to help the Blair family survive?

Fearless Heart is filled with gentle, colorful, and believable characters that will touch your heart and raise your spirits. It is truly a feel-good work.

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ISBN: 978-1937085056
260 pages
Published by World Castle Publishing


It was so easy to read. I am not an avid reader, I'm I can't just read anything and get through it easily, but this was easy to digest, etc. And in fact, I normally enjoy more recent settings, but this was easy to read and visualize. Felt like I was there looking in the window. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for your hard work on it. Need to get to bed. I just finished it…couldnŮt wait until tomorrow. Love the story! ...Kay Walker, Raleigh, NC

For a good read, try FEARLESS HEART by Gail Gurley. If you need a good dose of optimism, this is it. Caught up in the depths of the Depression, the Blair family survives by networking in the old fashioned way - friends helping friends. It's sprinkled throughout with old timey heartwarming stories within the story. Reminds me of O. Henry's writing. Nearly every chapter makes it evident that when God closes a door, He opens a window. The surprise ending will leave you holding back the tears--joyfully! ...Julie Apone, Owner, Carolina Lily, Salisbury, NC

Too hot to be outside? Sick of all the Law and Order reruns, on what, 4 channels? Why not pick up a good old fashioned heartwarming book by Gail Gurley, the Fearless Heart. Written about a family in the Depression (who can't relate to that?), chapter after chapter shows how those with good hearts find others of like mind and help each other to make the most of what little they have. You'll love this--good people having good things happen to them. Gail doesn't miss a thing--babies, puppies, a wedding, and a surprise at the end that will leave you crying joyfully. You can get it at Barnes and Noble, or get a 20% discount by going to, click on teen/family tab, click on cover photo, enter code UYTQJ2F9. ...K. Ross, Nashville, TN

Fearless Heart is well worth your time to read. The time line and characters are interesting and believable. You will enjoy the book but it will make you somewhat uncomfortable as the author takes you back to a very difficult time in our history. I really enjoyed it and think you will also. Good story, Gail. Thanks! Pat Hurley, Retired Deputy Clerk of Superior Court, Randolph County:

OLD SOUTH COMFORT FOOD: Vintage Recipes from the 1930s-1940s©

1930s and 1940s recipes from a cookbook printed circa 1950 by the cooks of Faith Lutheran Church, Faith, North Carolina - edited and adapted for today's cooks by Gail Cauble Gurley
Old South Comfort Food by Gail Cauble Gurley
ISBN 978-0-9713316-2-4
77 pages
$13.95 + s&h

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Gail Cauble Gurley has released a new cookbook entitled Old South Comfort Food: Vintage Recipes from the 1930s-1940s. She has taken recipes from a church cookbook used by her mother in the 1950s, edited them, updated them to current ingredients and directions and presented them in a charming book filled with nostalgia that will surely be treasured by mature and beginner cooks alike.North Carolina residents should include sales tax. Shipping and handling will be $2.80 per book. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.


“Lard stained pages and misspelled words bring back memories of sitting in my own grandma's kitchen looking at old handwritten recipes. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful times.” Julie Apone, Carolina Lily Farm, Salisbury, N. C.

“The photo for the cover, and especially the treasured family recipes, are very nostalgic. I do love that Gail have made personal comments on recipes.” Mary Bogest, Artist/Writer, High Point, N. C.

"I really like this cookbook, especially her dad's scuppernong wine recipe, I do have a weakness for scuppernong wine. My aunt used to make wine and put a balloon over the top of the bottle. When the balloon inflated all the way, she knew that the wine was ready. The balloon she liked using was bright yellow and it said: "Smile God Loves You." I'd love to get a copy for my mother. I would get my wife a copy but all her recipes start with ‘drive around to the window, please.Ů” Jonathan Farlow, Author, (Humorist), Archdale, N. C.

“These are the recipes of southern women tied together by a rich culture that's been cultivated over hundreds of years. These are recipes with roots planted deep into the past, originating from women who were not heroines or legends. They were simply women who knew how to put a good meal on the table. Thank you, Gail, for the memories.” Pamela King Cable, Author of Southern Fried Women, Archdale, NC

Tales from the Sunroom: An Anthology of Inspirational Short Stories

Tales From the Sunroom cover A collection of inspirational, soothing short stories suitable for all audiences. These are feel good stories with diverse plots and gentle characters. In The Message, a young woman receives a gift of love and assurance from her grandmother on the other side. A devoted Canada goose couple struggles with injury and danger in Come the Spring. Toby and Beau chronicles the lifelong love and loyalty between a man and his dog while two men from different cultures form a strong and unlikely bond of friendship and unselfish courage in Connected. Other stories are equally moving and inspiring, validating the innate goodness in all creatures of the universe, whether they be human or non-human. These stories can be shared with your child, your mother, your friends without fear. Feel safe and secure in leaving this beautiful classic on your coffee table for all to see and admire.

ISBN: 097133160X
140 pages
$8.99 + s&h

TALES FROM THE SUNROOM makes a welcomed gift for any occasion and any person you love. Whether a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day, graduation, wedding, Christmas, or other special event, the sunroom book will be treasured and enjoyed over and over.

Reviews and Praise:

"A great talent! Read, and be inspired." --Scribes Valley Publishing

"I'm most impressed with the author's passion for her writing. She clearly has a mission...The writing is good, and some descriptive passages are particularly strong...The package is beautiful...(and) it's a great looking book." --Writer's Digest

"Mrs. Gurley has a literary gift." --Carl Anderson, Aid Association for Lutherans, Wisconsin

"A treasure!" --K. Rosamond, Houston, Tx

"Beautifully written." --Jeff Pate, best selling author

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Gail Gurley
Gail Cauble Gurley

Gail and her husband Ed live in Granite Quarry, NC, with their two dogs and one cat. They have one daughter (Denise) and three grandchildren: Charlie, Spencer, and Madison who live in Houston, TX. Gail has a BA in psychology and an M.Ed. in education from the University of North Carolina and Greensboro. She has taken an early retirement from serving as a state Probation/Parole Officer. Gail is active in her church and community and enjoys reading, crocheting, needlepoint, and being with her friends. Her grandson Charlie is serving in the US Marines