Apples of Gold
Apples of Gold
by Carolyn Ann Aish
Cover by Provision Studio,
Inglewood, New Zealand 2002

Can a poor orphan boy ever be anything but what he is? Can he ever find true love amongst the highest of society? Can a pauper become a prince?

APPLES OF GOLD is a wonderfully told story of how "Apples" is content with his life despite the outward appearances. His one true friend is the only daughter of a castle lord, Lord Chester. He is able to meet with her in the castle's garden, which he tends. They share Bible verses and proverbs with each other and as their friendship grows, so do their memories of each other.

Apples is well known in the village as someone a person could count on in a time of need. He is always willing to help those less fortunate than him, even though he himself is a homeless orphan boy. In his own eyes, he sees himself in a different light. He sees himself as the Almighty sees him, a rich and blessed young man. Unknown to Apples, there are others who also see that he is a kind, just, and godly young man. And when Apples is summoned to the royal castle, he is totally unaware that his life is about to change forever.

Carolyn Aish has written an interactive tale that takes the reader to the bowels of the village where the sick and the homeless are; to the castle courts where royalty lives; and into the very heart and soul of a poor but rich, unloved yet loved orphan boy. --Anne Doerksen, Cornerstone Proofreading Services

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"Apples of Gold" Dedications:
To Dannielle, Brendon, Charlotte, and Aaron
"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." Proverbs 25:11

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