written and illustrated by David L. Repsher

Woodrow thinks it's time to fix a mistake
So he changes himself from a worm to a snake
And now he finds his very life is at stake!
From his captors can he escape?
Change his outcome, change his fate?
Return to being himself, or is it too late?

21 pages of witty rhyming and delightful illustrations teach youngsters the value of being themselves

Woodrow's Waggish Wish
Excerpt from Woodrow's Waggish Wish
He went to the library and checked out a book
that showed exactly how most snakes look.
There were big snakes and snakes that were tiny,
snakes that were dull and snakes that were shiny

Woodrow studied each and tried to find
just the right type and just the right kind.
Finally, "This is it!" he said with a snort,
"I'll change myself into the rattlesnake sort."
Hole Sweet Hole