Hi! Thanks for visiting my page. I consider myself a mind writer, continuously churning and creating stories in my overactive brain. Every so often, I release one into the world. Sometimes light and comedic, sometimes dark and sinister. I prefer the latter.
I am also the owner/editor of Scribes Valley Publishing.

Old Houses Make Noises by David L. Repsher, published by Culture Cult.

Old Houses Make Noises (2022)

Short story, "Old Houses Make Noises" has been published by Culture Cult for their haunted house anthology, HAUS.  

Gerald wants to turn Neumann place into apartments which he can rent out to university students. The very first night he stays over, he discovers a haunting...

Available now on Amazon.

Stitched Smile Magazine

I've been entering their Stitched Saturday competition where I write a less-than-500 word story based on a prompt. I've had a blast coming up with stories. Here are some of them. Check them out and consider giving each story a 'Like'.
Fire (alien)    Food (cannibal chaos) -2022 soon to be published Stitched Smile Magazine    Night Flight (serial killer)
Witch (witchy woman)    Growth (dismemberment)
Names (evil doll)     Witness (ghostly visit)     Found (alien artifact)

The Trick by David L. Repsher to be published soon in EVERMORE 2 by Ravens Quoth Press

The Trick

My dark poem, "The Trick" has been accepted (Sept. 9 , 2022) by Ravens Quoth Press for their upcoming anthology, EVERMORE 2, Edgar Allen Poe inspired poetry.  

Publication dates forthcoming.

Walk For Me by David L. Repsher in BEYOND THE GRAVE

Walk For Me  (October 2021)

My short story "Walk For Me" was published by Monnath Books for their anthology, BEYOND THE GRAVE. Release date: Oct. 31, 2021. One of my darker stories. 
   Since time immemorial, humans have wondered about the existence of life after death. We all know we are going to die. But what happens after that? The inevitability of death makes us ponder on the uncertainty of the unknown—the afterlife, spirituality, and religion—whether we just fade to dust or if there is an afterlife. And what would happen in this continued existence? Would there be a heaven and hell? Purgatory? Reincarnation? Another realm entirely?

Hobbies by David L. Repsher, published by Silly Trees Anthologies.

Hobbies (October 2013)

Short story "Hobbies" published in SCARED SPITLESS Anthology, by Silly Trees Anthologies.   

Woodrow's Waggish Wish by David L. Repsher

Woodrow's Waggish Wish

A light-hearted children's story with an important message: It's okay to be yourself! Illustrated by me. Published by Studio Seven Publishers in New Zealand.
   Woodrow has come to think that a mistake was made when he was made a worm! He wants to change things and goes about becoming a different creature. But, then, what is he now? The Institute of Strange Things wants to dissect him and find out just what this strange thing is! Can Woodrow escape from them? Reading with meaning. More than just a story!

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