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The Bedbug Who Wouldn't  Bite
ISBN 1-877219-95-9
Price of the entire package: $19.95 + $6 s&h

Bedbug is the invention of author Melody Rhodes and this first book in her series is titled: THE BEDBUG WHO WOULDN'T BITE.
Bedbug toy is the creation of Carolyn Ann Aish. The photograph illustrations have been done by Edward Aish.
THE BEDBUG WHO WOULDN'T BITE comes in an organza bag with a toy bedbug.

THE BOOK: THE BEDBUG WHO WOULDN'T BITE is a book approximately the size of a CD case - 5.5 inches x 4.75 inches --- or in centimeters, 14 x 12. The book has a thick laminated cover with pages of thin card, 120gsm. The book has a thin spine and is hand-bound with strong ribbon and fuzzy yarn.

THE TOY BEDBUG: Made of bright orange fake fur, glued with strong, flexible, non-toxic glue to six pipe-cleaner legs that have been carefully crimped with pliers at the feet ends. This toy is recommended for children over 4 years old. Under 4's should have supervision by adults because of the small eyes and choking parts if put in the mouth. In the case that an eye does come off, it can be glued on again.

THE BAG: The organza fabric of the bag is not strong, therefore care must be taken putting the toy and book in and out of the bag. Again, this is not for children under 4 years old without adult help.

Check out the YouTube videos of this little guy!

The Night Boy by Jack Newsome Click picture to enlarge

!!!! NEW !!!!


Written by Jack Newsome when he was only 8 years old! Illustrated by Carolyn Ann Aish. This is Studio Seven's Boy's Book of the Year!

The boy, Jim Handroff, is in trouble. He has been watching TV at nights and sleeping during the day. Strange off-the-planet things start happening. His neglectful parents become aware of the situation and escape with Jim to the U.S.A. But things only get worse! Everyone knows there is an Alien! Crowds gather!
MORE than just a story.
A fun story that your sons will want to hear over and over -- the results in the end are good for Jim and his parents.

Jack wrote: "MORAL FOR PARENTS: Don't neglect your kids because bad things will happen to them" AND -- "MORAL FOR KIDS: Don't watch too much TV because you might turn into an alien."

Click to see the 4-minute video from THE BREAKFAST SHOW
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Price: $5.00 + $3.00 S&H

Tui's Friends by Jan Pendergrast Click picture to enlarge

!!!! NEW !!!!


Illustrated by Ruth Reinsfield

A book that will delight those who love NATIVE Birds and Trees, -- these are native to the country of New Zealand. Suitable to read aloud to younger children - great to teach reading skills to older children - alliteration in story about Tui and other native birds. Tui bullies the other birds from 'his' garden and finds himself alone. The EMPTY feeling is new to him and he's not sure how he can live with it. Perhaps he does not have to live with it - he has a choice.

RIBBON BOUND with colourful 'feathery' effect - A4 landscape size (see Carolyn Ann Aish for other titles in 'Ribbon Bound' picture and story books.

Price: $24.00 + $3.00 S&H

An Angel in a Horse Suit

A4 landscape size. True story about a living mare named 'Snow' who lived in the hill-country in Taranaki as a work horse. Too old to work on the hills, she was going to be made into dog-food, but a worker saw an advertisement in the paper for 'gentle-spirited horses' for RIDING FOR THE DISABLED. Snow was taken to New Plymouth and to a new life that is like 'Horse Heaven' to her. Like the angel she is, she is a much loved RDA horse now, having learned to live in this new place, this new life with children and hugs and carrots to eat. A beautiful Sophisticated Picture Book, each page a work of art by New Plymouth, New Zealand, author and illustrator, Donna M. Mann.

Order either perfect bound (glued spine) or special Ribbon Bound (bound with ribbon to look like a very special gift book).

Price: 25.00 + 3.00 S&H

Fleeing Shadows by Carolyn Ann Aish
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FLEEING SHADOWS by Carolyn Ann Aish
Reads like a movie...has been presented several times as a play

Living in the early part of the first millenium, in the time of the Essenes, Hannah finds herself an orphan who has to answer to the king with her life at stake. When she is locked in the deepest darkest dungeon, to die alone, how long will it take for her small light to extinguish? Will she die bitter and empty? Will she die at all? With guards at the door and no way out, can she have any hope at all? One of Carolyn Ann Aish's most loved novels. Inspirational Romance with Christian themes of love, joy, hope, patience, salvation and redemption. Timeless classical story.

80 pages, 25,000 words. Sit down with a box of chocolates, and read it in a couple of hours. Ribbon Bound with laminated cover, A lovely gift book for young adults and older.

Price: $12.00 + $3.00 S&H

Touch the Sky
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TOUCH THE SKY by Carolyn Ann Aish

Historical Fiction in that everything in this story could have happened in Medieval times, based on extensive research. Avalyn was blinded at the age of seven by a blow to her head. After being abducted and taken to a foreign kingdom, an accident restores her sight. Feeling that enemies surround her, she does not want to tell anyone in this kingdom that she can see. Avalyn saves the lives of King Roswald and his two sisters and her secret becomes more difficult to keep.

Royalty, kidnapping, escape, plots, war, and, finally, romance! Much more that just a story. Large format, Ribbon Bound. A beautiful gift book to treasure forever.

Price: $18.00 + $9.95 S&H

A Question of Love by Carolyn Ann Aish
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A QUESTION OF LOVE by Carolyn Ann Aish
Written for young adults...read by all ages
Journey with a princess in her quest to find love, acceptance and significance.

    A rebellious princess growing up, feeling unloved. When Olivia Anne was only four years old, her mother took her riding on her horse. It was such a delight, that Olivia screamed with joy. But the horse was spooked and bucked both of them off. Olivia's mother, Queen Anne, died instantly. All of her life, Olivia has felt to blame for her mother's death. She wants her mother back, but instead has to deal with a stepmother and four older brothers who have little time for her. She does not know about love, then a prisoner in the tower throws her a note which reads, "God loves you, and knows all about you...." Everything feels different. She wants to climb up the ivy and talk with the man in the tower, but she dare not risk her father's kingly wrath. Or why not?
    Christian themes, by Carolyn Ann Aish. Over 53,000 words. Securely hand-bound with ribbon, makes it look like a very special gift book. Feel free to ask questions.

Price: $20.00 + $9.00 S&H

Angel Hands by Carolyn Ann Aish
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ANGEL HANDS by Carolyn Ann Aish

    By author of World Famous Books, Carolyn Ann Aish. Journey with Angelina in medieval times. Who is she? And who is the handsome 'Captain K'? Page-turning plots. Adult themes with battle violence as depicted in the times of Barbarian Raiders.
    Over 42,000 words. Securely hand-bound with ribbon, makes it look like a very special gift book. Historical, Inspirational (Christian themes - the rough road of deeply burdened souls to the green pastures of the ones who find forgiveness and redemption). Royalty, Romance and Action.

Price: $20.00 + $9.00 S&H

A Promise is a Promise by Carolyn Ann Aish
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A PROMISE IS A PROMISE by Carolyn Ann Aish

A GREAT GIFT - for a young adult, or a grandma or granddad who likes a quick read - good gift to take to a hospital patient --- a 'mind holiday' in Medieval Times. Romance, comedy, suspense. Lester the Jester loves the girl in the library, but the King says he must marry another. Who is it that wants to kill Lester? A RAPID READ - page-turning sub-plots. 30 pages for easy reading. Approx. A5 Size.By author of worldfamousbooks, Carolyn Ann Aish. ISBN 1-877219-38-X. MORE THAN JUST A STORY.

Price: $7.00 + $3.00 S&H

Dunno by Carolyn Ann Aish
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DUNNO: An alien lands his space pod in the waters at the far south of the world, near Stewart Island, New Zealand (just north of Antartica, south-east of Australia). When he emerges, he has no recollection of who he is, where he came from where he should be going, or why he is here. He finds his way on to Stewart Island itself, where it is inhabited by birds. Only when he sees some tourists on the tracks there, does he realise that there are others like him. Or is he like them? How different is he? Because he does not know who he is, he calls himself 'Dunno'. The first book in a trilogy. Dunno makes his way north, trying to find out the reason for his existence. But the answer in the end is, 'Dunno'. Fun to read aloud with children! Written for older children and young adults. A fantasy story with bright computer enhanced colour photographs. 'Magazine style'. Approx. A4 trimmed, ISBN 1-877219-26-6

Price: $10.50 + $3.00 S&H

Jak in the Been World by Carolyn Ann Aish
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An allegorical fantasy story about a miniature doberman dog named Jak who truly, in real life, was stolen from the pet shop, and lived with mean criminals who mis-treated him. In this story book, Jak is given a mission, to find the Been World and to discover what is wrong with it. He has a mentor named 'Shimeon' who is there to guide him. But Jak wants to do it all by himself and he gets it wrong. However, he finds the Been World and loves it there, forgetting his mission. The first of a trilogy. Beautiful colour photos of the South Island of New Zealand. Full of Verses and Quotes to meditate on and come back again and again. A lovely photo / story book as an 'anytime' gift. Approx. A4 Size, trimmed. Part of Studio Seven's "KEEPING MEMORIES ALIVE!" campaign.

Price: $10.50 + $3.00 S&H

Jak in the Been World by Carolyn Ann Aish
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An allegorical fantasy story about a miniature doberman dog named Jak who truly, in real life, was stolen from the pet shop, and lived with mean criminals who mis-treated him. In this story book, Jak is given a mission, to find the Been World and to discover what is wrong with it. He has a mentor named 'Shimeon' who is there to guide him. But Jak wants to do it all by himself and he gets it wrong. However, he finds the Been World and loves it there, forgetting his mission. The first of a trilogy. Beautiful colour photos of the South Island of New Zealand. Approx. A5 Size, trimmed. Part of Studio Seven's "KEEPING MEMORIES ALIVE!" campaign.

Price: $9.00 + $3.00 S&H

Snow White 2 by Carolyn Ann aish
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SNOW-WHITE 2 by Carolyn Ann Aish

ANOTHER Snow-White? Is it possible? AND another evil queen - the sister of the original? Yes. Over 50 pages of adventure, drama, suspense, romance, magic, - WAR! The seven dwarfs need to use their treasured skills to defeat Dezabel, the queen who wants to be the ONLY fairest, not just in the land, but of all the three kingdoms. A5 format, photo-pictures included. Brand new, a chapter book. First published in 1996, reprinted 2006. ISBN 0-9583455-4-6

Price: $10.80 + $3.00 S&H

The Kingdom's Secret by Carolyn Ann aish
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THE KINGDOM'S SECRET by Carolyn Ann Aish

A princess, a slave-girl and a slave-boy interact in this story. Who does the slave, Beans, love? Is it Princess Emerald, or is it the slave-girl, Tina? He is very protective of Tina, but his eyes tell another story when he looks at the Princess. Is it love – or, hate? Nothing is as it seems in this exciting story, complete in itself, yet the first of a trilogy in the Adventures of Armokand Series.

Price: $8.60 + $3.00 S&H

The Good Samaritan by Carolyn Ann aish
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THE GOOD SAMARITAN by Carolyn Ann Aish

Role play for children and / or adults. Written in Rhyme, this is the Bible Story, THE GOOD SAMARITAN. A minimum of six children (or teens or even adults), with a maximum of around a dozen (extras can join the 'robbers') - really fun to role-play, this little magazine-style booklet with colour photos of children acting this play, is a great asset for children's groups and clubs, Sunday Schools, Junior Church, or family fun play and homeschools. Teaches children to treat others as they want to be treated. Children learn most from what they DO, that is why a good role play like this is so helpful. Works really well with adult actors too.

Price: $6.00 + $3.00 S&H

Sight and Sound for Baby
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SIGHT & SOUND, Book for Baby by Carolyn Ann Aish

TEACH BABY Animal sounds! Color photos of a cat, dogs, a cow, horses, a lamb, a pig, birds, ducks, chickens, with their particular sound printed. Interactive, separate pages, each fully laminated, tied securely together with strong ribbon, and including a keyring to use if you wish, to take with you wherever baby goes. This book does not have a cover as such, each page flips around on either the ribbon, or, when attached, the small key-ring. Great gift-book for a new baby. Photographs and Design by author of worldfamousbooks, Carolyn Ann Aish. Pages approx. 9 cm square. Second printing. ISBN 1-877219-33-9

Price: $4.90 + $2.00 S&H
Preview 3 pages here

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C.A.N.N. by Carolyn Ann Aish

C.A.N.N. -- WRITE YOUR STORY OUTLINES DOWN TODAY to keep - don't lose one idea, they are all valuable! Author of worldfamousbooks, Carolyn ANN Aish, shares her CANN system for writing Story Ideas into Outlines in this practical Story Ideas to Outline Record Book. PAGES for 28 Story-Outlines, with Index. Tied with a lovely crystal-like ribbon for owners 'secrecy'. A GREAT TOOL FOR WRITERS of all ages and abilities. CHOICE of TWO covers - see gallery picture and make sure you send your choice of either 1 or 2 --- or buy 2 or more books at 'buy now price' for ONE shipping fee - great record book for your writer's group members! Makes a super gift book for your creative friend or family member.

Price: $7.00 + $3.00 S&H

Am I Your Equal?
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Am I Your Equal? by Donna M. Mann

A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE BOOK with a timeless story! All caring parents should have their children read and understand this story. A black sheep in a flock of unfriendly white sheep. The little black sheep is lonely and sad. The white sheep turn from him because he has black wool, not white wool. His mother told him to always treat others as he would like to be treated, but how can he, when the sheep are so mean to him? The black sheep and the white bully face each other and butt heads. The white sheep rolls down the hill and into the barbed wire fence. Bleeding and crying, the white sheep asks for help, and the black sheep helps untangle him. Both bleeding, the white sheep sees that they both have the same color blood. They become friends forever. Beautiful color pictures throughout. Large A4 size trimmed.

Price: $13.60 + $3.00 S&H

All the Adventures of Spyder By Marie Larsen
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The real cat, SPYDER, belonged to author, Marie Larsen.
THIRTEEN stories about Spyder in all kinds of situations:
Note: these 13 stories were written by Marie for her 13 grandchildren and are suitable to read at bedtime -- your child / children will likely go to sleep smiling. Printed A4 portrait size and then trimmed some.
Real photos (B+W) in the book.

Price: $13.95 + $3.00 S&H

Laugh Out Loud
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LAUGH OUT LOUD by Lois Bowers

Great GIFT!!! What joy to give this little book to someone who needs cheering up, and to hear them laugh, giggle and share the jokes. Over 190 Jokes, and a few poems. Lois Bowers, a new author, armed with pen, paper and a dictionary, has written original jokes. Great BIRTHDAY -- "GET WELL" -- OR, ANYTIME GIFT. Short jokes that are a great cheer up for someone who needs short reads to give them cheer.

Price: $10.00 + $3.00 S&H

Ode to Rastus by Rosemary Irvine
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ODE TO RASTUS - the story of Max and Rastus all in one book
by Rosemary Irvine

The story of the whole life of Rastus the world famous motorcycling cat, and his owner Max Corkill, told 'by Rastus' in poetry form. A5 Landscape format with soft card cover, some previously unpublished photographs all in colour. Sixteen pages. A lovely little book for children and collectors that tells the whole story of Rastus's wonderful little life and tragic death. Price includes priority Airmail fee!

Price: $12.00 + 3.00 S&H

Who's Taking A Bath by Alice Berger
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WHO'S TAKING A BATH? by Alice Berger
Illustrated by Carolyn Ann Aish

Who's making so much noise in the bathroom? Splashing, sloshing, bubbles, soap, toys, everywhere! Look out! Mother is coming! Who's taking a bath? If your children love Teddy Bear stories, they are going to LOVE this one!
A sophisicated picture-story book— Ribbon Bound- MORE than just a story! Published by Studio Seven Publishers. Softcover, 16 pp. ISBN 1-877219-49-5

Price: $16.00 + 4.00 s&h

Music in the Sky
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MUSIC IN THE SKY by Carolyn Ann Aish

A gift book, all in color about a very real experience, in the cemetery in Inglewood, Taranaki, New Zealand. From grief to celebration, the author/photographer's experience, 3 years to the day, after her husband's death. Full Colour pages, laminated cover. A4 size trimmed. SUNSET SKY as you very rarely see: Angels dancing, horses prancing, butterflies, and much more, were seen in the pink lacy web-like clouds across the sky on the 27th May, 2006. Five song poems are recorded in this book, and since the camera was at hand, the author is able to share this with everyone. Contains Bible Verses and cemetary pictures with the sunset sky. A gift book for someone suffering grief. FEEDBACK received from a buyer of this book: Stunning visual presentation. Perfect devotional/contemplative book.

Price: $6.00 + $3.00 S&H

If I Could I Would...Angels Watch Over You
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IF I COULD...I WOULD by Carolyn Ann Aish
TIMELESS little gift book that follows an adaption by author of old proverb: 'If you truly love someone; let them be free... and if they return to you, and want to be with you, they love you; but if not, their love was never yours." All the things I'd like to do, if I could... Wonderful to give to someone as they leave home, or to go on their great OSE (Over Seas Experience). Only 12 pages, with very basic black and white drawings to match the text. Final statements are that there is ALWAYS a place in your home and heart, anytime they want to come, to drop in or to stay awhile. And the answer, that the one leaving WILL return often. ISBN 1-877219-11-8 COVER is a print from a one-of-a-kind work of art. Excerpts from FEEDBACK from buyers of this little book: "Thanks for the great book, it is absolutely beautiful!" "I love it, and will come back to buy more of YOUR books. Thank You so much! :-)))) "

A beautiful little book, 18 pages including cover - a song in a greetings card-book for someone special - someone who needs encouraging, perhaps in hospital, or ill at home. "Angels watch over you" wherever you are, no matter whether you are very young, or very old, or in-between.

Price: $10.00 + $3.00 S&H - Both books!

Fonzi by Sharyn Smart
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FONZI by Sharyn Smart
FONZI, a real pony, lived in New Plymouth, New Zealand, and over the years gave rides to many school children. Author, Sharyn Smart's children went with their class and had rides on Fonzi. Fonzi had to wait while the calves were fed, and the children's attention was not on HIM, but on the calves. The children had to wait in line, and take their rides one at a time. At the end of the day, all of the children had ridden on Fonzi and had their photographs taken. What a day! This true story is recorded in this book, with new illustrator, Wendy Short, having painted beautiful water color pictures including the nearby mountain, Egmont, Taranaki. (See picture with mountain in it). A delightful record of a friendly little pony. Large format, approx. A4. Wide, Landscape format. Part of Studio Seven's "KEEPING MEMORIES ALIVE!" campaign.

Price: $13.00 + $3.00 S&H

Lucy McLean by Shona M. Wilson
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LUCY MCLEAN by Shona M. Wilson
An amazing gift – Absolutely BEAUTIFUL water-color pictures. A4 size, landscape - 24 pages, 160gsm (printed on thin card) Ribbon-bound with a spine. Genre: Sophisticated Picture Book Age: Girls, 7 - 13, with a 'message' for all Theme: Doing too much causes burnout, but there IS a remedy! Back cover blub: "Winning became Lucy's main plan. When she came last, it really upset her, so Lucy set goals that were bigger and better. Can she keep it up? ALL of it?" Rhyming story written by new author, Shona M. Wilson. Amazing water-color pictures by newly published artist/illustrator, Margaret P. Stevenson. ISBN 1-877219-50-9

Price: $20.00 + $3.00 S&H

Misty and Me
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Misty and Me by Donna M. Mann

Misty is a white pony owned by THE RIDING FOR THE DISABLED who gives rides to children. Thomas is a 9 year old boy with cerebral palsy and autism, who can neither walk nor talk. He rides on Misty every Monday and they communicate. A TRUE STORY, absolutely delightful, children love it being read aloud. A5 trimmed, wide format, 16 pages, with COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS of Thomas riding and communicating with Misty. Laminated cover. ISBN 1877219-41-X

Price: $9.90 + 3.00 S&H

I Want a Ride by Linda Anne Nevin
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I Want A Ride by Linda Anne Nevin

A gift book that will be much read and cherished. Tommy wants a ride in a variety of vehicles --- A Concrete Mixer, an Aeroplane, a Green Tractor, A Train Engine, A Fire Engine, A Blue Bus and then a Police Car comes along. Will he get a ride? Beautifully written in rhyme by new author, New Zealander, Linda Anne Nevin. A book to read to children, one they will love to memorise, turn the pages and quote back to you, then when they are a little older, read themselves. Aprox. A5 trimmed, landscape, ribbon bound. Colour photo-pictures throughout.

Price: $7.00 + 3.00 s&h

Four Remedial Reading Books
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FOUR REMEDIAL READING BOOKS with a New Zealand Flavor by Molly Hammersby

*FUN WITH WORMS (includes instructions for children to make a wormery in a 2 litre plastic bottle)
Books with high interest stories by Molly Hammersley, a retired teacher whose forte was remedial reading. Magazine style, A5 size, 20 to 24 pages.

Price: All four books: $16.00 + 3.00 s&h

A Treasure Store By Carolyn Ann Aish
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A TREASURE STORE by Carolyn Ann Aish

A maiden in medieval times, Adela thinks of herself as a farm girl. Since her mother's death, she knows that 'everything can change in just a minute'. Her father takes her to the inn for an evening meal-this is when everything changes. Nothing will ever be the same again! Action, Escape, Murder, Royalty, Romance, Treasures and Redemption. MORE than just a story.
Publisher's special release price: $19.00 + 9.95 s&h